Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hairtings or Smairtings?

Today is a big day BYOBers. On Tuesday, JerBear christened the BLOG with an irreverent, ridiculous, get-me-so-pumped post. Today we will all get the chance to live out his Fidel-flavored dream (mmm...bearded communism). But before we all get to slow-clappin', a bit a new BYOBusiness - the Hairtings / Smairtings scoring scale.

This year we will be scoring each restaurant on a simple three-category and four-point scale.

Three categories:

The Scene - atmosphere, people, neighborhood

The Service - staff responsiveness, ability to cope with 20 wino-animals

The Grub - deliciousness, portions

Four points:

Hairtings - absolutely terrible, disgusting, horrific

Hairting - Smairtings (H-S) - not good, meh

Smairtings - Hairtings (S-H) - not bad, mildly enjoyable

Smairtings - awesome, superlative in every way imaginable

Be ready comrades! The judging begins today with Habana Libre and it will continue all winter long.

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