Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Week 2 Review - Turkish Cuisine & Bakery (Bear and Macher) - December 6, 2008

Well friends, it was just the second outing of our young (supple?) BYOB season, but it can best be summed up as a night of firsts. It was the first time we witnessed live entertainment. It was the first time we attempted an in-restaurant dance-off. And, perhaps most hilariously, it was the first time anyone ever witnessed, attempted, or gaped slack-jawed at the “slow-ha.”

To the scoreboard…

The Scene

The Turkish Cuisine & Bakery appeared a bit shabby on entry. The lighting was poor, the décor traditional but lacking in character, and the dining room a little worn and fairly empty. But, towards the midway point in our meal, the worn carpet and ample space started to make more sense. The lights were dimmed, the strobe lights came alive, and our pupils constricted as we realized that the Turks had employed the ultimate in business rules “under-promise; over-deliver.” No, it was not a guest appearance by the 38th ranked DJ in the world...Benni Bennasi. The white-hot house music would have to wait; it was time for some Turkish belly dancing.

With midriff exposed the belly dancer worked the room ‘til we were all good and Golden Horny (sorry). Then she flipped the script and offered us each a golden opportunity to shake our hips (read embarrass ourselves). But I doubt that even that the Byzantine beauty expected the next twist…a drunken male belly dance-off. Insults were exchanged; gauntlets thrown down; Macher and Mos went mano e mano. Two men entered...not really sure who or what left. Check it out…

With all that said the reviews came back mixed. Some overlooked the décor for the fun; some could not get over the 40 degree bathroom (shrinkage!)!

Group Rating: 3.29 / 4.0 (solid)

The Service

As someone that has visited Turkey I can vow that if anything, the Turks pride themselves on providing great service. Turkish Cuisine & Bakery was no exception. The group described our waiter as "gracious", "absolutely great" and..."sexy"? Swarmy may have been more apt, but hey de gustibus non disputandem.

No matter your opinion, the man was patient, willing to provide advice, charismatic and touchy-feely. Bosin received the most hands-on instruction (note the photo) and I think the stellar ratings reflect her gratitude.

Group Rating: 3.68 / 4.0 (Whoa!)

The Grub

The food was a tale of two tables. One half of the group was disappointed from the baba ganoush to the baklava. The other side found most dishes at least a smairtings-hairtings. Perhaps at times the antics overshadowed the food for some. In addition to the dance-off and after Stamos defeated a solid slow-clap, JerBear unveiled his most recent brainchild - the slow "ha". It was too much for Stamos, who succumbed to an overwhelming urge to imbibe.
In the end it was fairly average Turkish food with a few standout dished including the lamb with yogurt and Emily's mouth-watering chicken. I think everyone would agree that, regardless of quality, Turkish coffee, especially when prepared table-side, is always a fun way to end a meal.

Group Rating: 2.79 / 4.0 (meh)


Once again BYOB club enjoyed a resounding success. Only one thing was missing...our other members! Where were you Tusk, Tyson, Jackie and others! We missed you! Who wouldn't have enjoyed the Tusk doing the splits as the belly dancer whirled around him (and eyed him). Even without him fun was had by all. Our club is 2-0 in awesomeness on the season. Here's to hoping we can keep up the strong work in weeks to come.

Group Rating: 3.25 / 4.0

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