Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Week 1 Pre-BYOB Post - Habana Libre (Jeremy) - November 15, 2008

The winter is rapidly approaching; it may even already be here. Last weekend you probably thought to yourself that it was "too cold" to go out, that it wasn't "worth it" to venture into the frigid Chicago night. Well, you’re in luck, because this Saturday night we won't be going out to attempt to brave the bitter Chicago weather. Instead we will be travelling all the way to Havana Cuba where slow roasted pork will warm our bellies and the Latin rhythms will light our souls ablaze.

Bailamos, let the rhythm take you over Bailamos
Te quiero amor mio, Bailamos
Wanna live this night forever, Bailamos
Te quiero amor mio, Te quiero

In truth I have never been to Habana Libre so we will be experiencing it for the first time together. Don't be afraid, though. In these trying times we must be willing to keep an open mind, to try new things. If we cannot try new things then we truly are old, for only the old are scared of the unknown. If you still fear what we embarking on just know that Papa Bear will be there to protect you always. From what I hear the food is quite tasty and the service is quite slow. This, of course, is the ideal combination for the Buena Vista BYOB club. This mixture will allow us to savor our mojitos whilst we spin tall tales of our drunken exploits and the Tusks sexual conquests. Together we will laugh, and, with any luck, perhaps Stamos will cry. We can perform the deadly aplaudir despacio many, many times while we wait to receive our gastronomical gratification.

My friends, we have come to a crossroads in our lives, we have reached an age where the world says we should not continue to drink and behave as we have been for the last decade. They believe that we should mature, but not this weekend, not on my watch.

To those who would make this club sober -- we will defeat you. To those who seek intoxication and irresponsibility -- we support you. And to all those who have wondered if BYOB's beacon still burns as bright -- Saturday we will prove once more that the true strength of our Club comes not from our skills on the dance floor or our ability to judge hairtings from smairtings, but from the enduring power of our ideals: debauchery, ludeness, no judgment, and doing stuff that feels good.

Can we drink all night long? Yes we can
Can we make some bad decisions? Yes we can
Can we slow clap our friend into oblivion? Yes we can
Can we have enough cocktails for Greg to do the Peacocking Tornado? Yes we can
Can we get drunk enough to sleep with an inappropriate partner? Yes we can
Can we pee on our couches or in our beds? Yes we can
Can we bring a gang load of booze to a Cuban restraunt and drink until they desperately want us to leave? Yes we can

The Details...
Where: Habana Libre in West Town (
1440 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago)
When: Saturday November 15th 2008
Food: Cuban
Drink Ideas: Mojito, Sangria, Beer


Diez said...

Yes folks, BYOB season has commenced!

brian said...

love it, but this blog is going to motivate me in the most unproductive way!

Greg said...

bear, i'm a huge fan of your first post. ps tusk told me he was feeling especially dicey today...