Thursday, December 18, 2008

Week 3 Pre-BYOB Post - Lalibela (Elizabeth) - December 20th 2008

Yes Kunkel, we are headed to Africa...because what screams of food more than Ethiopia?

Every year at this time infomercials featuring Sally Struthers flood the airwaves at
4am. With Sally as my muse I pulled the trigger. We will eat, and eat, and eat, and eat in honor of all those who cannot. We will gorge ourselves on fantastic, spicy food that and mop it all up with injera (yummy Ethiopian flatbread). We will take a stand and fight the war on hunger!

Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant
at 5633 N Ashland Ave Chicago, Il 60660

Every review for this restaurant is fantastic. They are known for their tasty vegetarian fare, but serve more traditional lamb and beef entrees as well. The staff has already proven to be especially accommodating as they promised to provide Schumacher with a second table, paper table cloth and crayons for his 7th grade dodgeball team. Mark - you can regale them with stories about your time spent coaching imaginary kids at home in your red spandex shorts and black plastic whistle (Betsi told us all about it). Then you can either eat or draw up plays with the crayons. Choose wisely!

As far as drinks, Tej, an Ethiopian honey wine is generally drank to counteract the spice of the food. I have done some research in hopes of finding this in
Chicago, to no avail. However, a similar variety called Meade is available at stores such as Binnys and Sams Liquor.

The reservation is for
7:30. See you all on Saturday!

P.S. An honest-to-goodness donation has been made to fight hunger in our honor.

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brian said...

the paper table clothe sounds like extra incentive to try and get out of my bar job and come to byob.